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When you see a fashion show on the TV or on the Internet, you might be guessing how does it feel to be in the center of hundreds people’s attention? What precedes it? What life experience is it - to work at the fashion show? I will tell you.


Casting. You come either totally relaxed or really anxious, no other options. Of course, it is better if you are calm, self-confident and believe in your victory. But feel a little bit of worry is not a bad thing either. I prefer to come on casting in a very good mood not only because clients like it, but also because I LOVE to work at the fashion shows. Nevertheless, I always prepare myself to not take it to heart in case of refuse. I am having a lot of refuses because of the short hair, kind of strange look and not the best height for a fashion show model. It is not a big deal, everybody goes through this, refuses are the part of the model’s job. But my individual features also help me to get a job because sometimes the most strange model opens the show… ;)


Fitting. The fitting usually happens either right after the casting or in some other day. On the way to the fitting you feel the same trembling because soon you will see all collection and the designer will choose some of the looks special for you. What would it be? Not always you get the look that you like, but you can be sure that on the runway you will look gorgeous because designer needs it himself. After the fitting, the designer with his assistants is making a list of models’ sequence to avoid the mess during the show.





Six hours before the show. Generally, models need to be at the backstage very early. If your show is at 6-7pm., you will probably have to be there at 12pm. The first thing that happens when everybody arrived is rehearsal. The designer or the show director decides how models will move on the runway. The rehearsal repeats a few times to understand how long it takes to show all the collection, is there any problem with the music and whose walk needs to be fixed. When rehearsal is over there is a few hour break for models. You can stay at the backstage, take a snack, read a book, take a nap, go for a walk, just talk with designers and photographers or even go to the casting that takes a place nearby.


Three hours before the show. In about three hours before the show hair stylists and makeup artists start to prepare models for the show. Because the number of hair stylists and makeup artists is about 20 and the number of models at the backstage at one day is about 100-200, each designer has his own time for preparing his or her models for the show. In the live-time queue models come to the masters of beauty and soon enough they are surrounded by all of the photographers of the backstage hunting for the most interesting looks.


One hour before the show. Here begins the overall jim-jams. The designer’s assistants are in panic steaming off remaining clothes, models are giggling and making selfies, photographers are running and taking pictures of everyone. Models are starting to change their clothes to get ready for the show, designers are changing and cleaning themselves up as well, all the water and food are taken as away as possible. As a rule, before about 15 minutes before the show all the models are lining up behind the scenes and not allowed to go anywhere until the show ends. The closer to the show, the more intense the atmosphere, even if everything is absolutely under control. At moments like this I feel a pleasant tickling inside. Soon I will be on the runway!








Showtime. When you are coming out on the runway, you might think about many things. There are two kinds of situation: if you have got comfortable clothes and shoes then you don’t think about anything - just a pleasant emptiness of your own perfection fills all over your mind, when there is a white lane of the runway and flashes of dozens of photographers are in front of you. But if you have got uncomfortable clothes and shoes there will be no peace in your mind: “Are they noticing how painful it is for me to walk?”, “What if I will lose my shoe?”, “What if I will stumble in this incredibly long dress?”, - all of these thoughts are filling your mind while you are on the catwalk. But here is a turn back and soon enough you are safe at the backstage. However, you can’t stop yet, you need to run to change your look and stand back to the line of models waiting for their turn to go on the runway. During the show at the backstage is usually very loud, everybody running and shouting, models are basically naked, designer’s assistants are helping them to change the look and makeup artists are wondering how fast our faces are sweating. And here you are back again on the runway and maybe it is still not over and you have got a few more looks to show… In total, each model spends about 5 minutes on the catwalk during every show. To deserve these 5 minutes we lose our weight, do some sports, care for the skin, hair and nails, look amazing during the whole day, visit to 10 castings a day, being in stress because of the competition and just physical fatigue, but in return we get our five minutes of glory, when we are the queens and the whole world watches us in life, on the TV or on the Internet and admires us. In my opinion, it is worth it.

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by Nika Maximenko