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WHATever: When was the first time you had an idea to become a photographer?

Daria: I began to photograph three years ago. It started with my interest in Adobe Photoshop and beauty photo shootings. My first model photo shooting was much later.


WHATever: The shooting of your dream: whom or what would you like to shoot?

Daria: Right now the shooting of my dream, I suppose, is campaign for Gucci.


WHATever: What affects on the picture’s value? What does this value consist of?

Daria: The value of the picture is in its ability to keep our memories, emotions and experiences at the certain moment of our life. In this sense a reportage and some spontaneity at the shooting are closer for me. I get used to work in a mode like this. And for me the picture that was taken unexpectedly, accidentally is more valuable than any other.


                                                                 WHATever: Which picture turns out better - accidental or prepared one?

Daria: Of course, if we work in "fashion” genre, 

everything is planned and prepared in advance.

Everybody on their positions doing something

that was already discussed. Although, when

I look at foreign campaigns I see that easiness

and naturalness are more attended.

Of course, I try to plan my photo shootings:

the style, the light, the makeup. But after that I

give my model an absolute freedom. I like to

watch how the model moves, how she or

he is shy or, on the contrary,

actively plays with the camera.


WHATever: How to draw an attention to your works?

Daria: Undoubtedly, find your own style and vision of the world paying attention to the details. The most important is in details. The main advice is: be inspired, develop your vision, analyse and photograph!

Daria Romanova


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