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Does the name Virgil Abloh or Off-White company tell anything to you?

If it does not we will tell you. Virgil Abloh is an American creative designer who founded the streetwear label Pyrex Vision in Chicago (so unpopular that he had to shut it down after just a year) and fashion label Off-White in Milan in 2014. This label is quite popular so far. In 2016 the company produced as many as five new collections! This guy likes to mix different styles and make from them his own unseen before. I have seen all five collections. At first, I can tell you that it is unreal mix of jeanswear: jeans, denim dresses, denim overall and even denim stockings! Secondly, you can see shirts worn back to front or without a sleeve or simply roughly buttoned. Right after that you can see a beautiful classical evening dress and right after that look you surely will see some retro-futuristic look or sport suite or some punk look where you cannot understand what is what. Also you can notice a few nice skirts and dresses with prints of Giorgio de Chirico’s surreal paintings on them.















Why do you we talk about Virgil Abloh and Off-White at all? The reason is that now he produces the new Dr Martens boots collection. I am a big fan of Dr Martens myself (in my life I had got about 10 different pairs of shoes, about 5 pairs of socks and even a jacket by Dr Martens) so it happened to be very interesting subject for me. In my opinion, the new collection is not so “Dr Martens”-ish. Yes, the shape of the boots is almost the same but the effect is different. The boots are lighter than original Dr Martens and sometimes remind sneakers. Virgil Abloh made only three pairs so far (or maybe at all): black with red bootlace, light brown with yellow bootlace (almost classic version) and bright blue! Can you believe it? And I understand who can wear it! The “real” Dr Martens is a priori for people who like punk, grunge etc. But this very bright, softer and epatage collection is perfect for people who like styles as disco and street style and even every hipster can allow himself to wear it. You can wear it with your summer dress and go to the club, you can wear it at university with your new Chanel purse, or change after school and go play basketball with your friends on the backyard - whatever. Now everybody will be happy if Off-White will continue their experiments as in clothes as in boots.

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CLASSICAL “DR MARTENS”                                                                                               “DR MARTENS” BY OFF-WHITE

by Nika Maximenko